Camp NaNoWriMo: A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Panama?

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Dream a little dream with me…

April Camp NaNoWriMo starts in a week!

While the urge to write a NaNo novel (or in my case novella) in palindrome is absurdly tempting… that is not the plan. The plan (thanks to the dozens of helpful suggestions in this thread over in the forums) is much more complex!

You’ll remember that I mentioned in an earlier post that my true goal for the April camp is to learn how to consistently write 1,667 words a day. And not just any words, no, no, I want actual words-that-belong-in-a-draft words.

So how do I learn a) how to write every day and b) write good words?

a) Practice
b) Practice
c) Practice…

To be fair, it’s going to be a very specific kind of practice. 😉

  1. I will be taking a notebook with me to work and writing down ideas about what to write that day when I get home. This isn’t an official one-story notebook, I’m just going to keep using the one I already have my art and story notes in.
  2. If I am still not sure what to write when I get home, I will either take the dog for a walk (if it’s nice out) or get on the treadmill and listen to classical music. Walking is supposed to help you think through problems, so it’s worth a try!
  3. If I the walking doesn’t help, I will write down three things that will not happen in the story and why.
  4. If that’s a fail too, I will write MuseFic and talk to the characters about what is not working and why. For lo, sometimes they are good at figuring out what I’m doing wrong.
  5. And if all of that fails and I need to make wordcount, I will write Saturday Story Prompts or a Random Roll completely unrelated to the story at hand.

Will this work? I have no idea yet, but I’ll be posting updates and tweaking my strategy as we go! 😀

If you have any suggestions or even just things you’ve tried that haven’t worked, please leave a comment below…

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