The Mini Whinnie Condunrum

Pulling Draft Horse

I love painting Mini Whinnies and have a small army of them in the body box waiting for new colors. But as always my fear of ‘painting the LAST one’ has kicked in and now I’m trying to confirm that I can replace anything I customize.

Times have changed since I last stocked the body box and Breyer Mini Whinnies are only available via the blind bag Surprise Series. This makes them both crazy expensive (compared to the old offerings) and impossible to tell what you are going to get. Looking at this year’s series and last year’s series it seems that only five of the adult molds are going to be available each year.


Walking Arabian Mare

Since I don’t have anywhere close that I can buy Breyers in store. Here’s the breakdown for it I buy this straight from Breyer: Product link on the Breyer website

  • 12 packs @ $2.99
  • Shipping $10.95
  • Total for 12 horses $46.83
  • Per horse cost $3.9025
Sliding Stop Quarter Horse Stallion

Which makes a Mini Whinnie is ten cents cheaper than a Stablemate! Which using my new listing price calculations would still only be $9.00, but again… yikes.

Looking at the horses included in this pack, the breakdown of what you’d find in a bag is as follows:

High Stepping Draft Horse
  • Grazing Foal and Romping Foal (1 of 17 = 5.88% chance)
  • Jumping Morgan Mare (1 of 17 = 5.88% chance)
  • Trotting Morgan Stallion (3 of 17 = 17.65% chance)
  • Pulling Draft Horse (3 of 17 = 17.65% chance)
  • Walking Arabian Mare (3 of 17 = 17.65% chance)
  • Sliding Stop Quarter Horse Stallion (3 of 17 = 17.65% chance)
  • High Stepping Draft Horse (3 of 17 = 17.65% chance)
Trotting Morgan Stallion

Working logically, I should only be customizing the five 17% chance horses from this list (or ones that have already been started) so that I have a decent chance of replacing them. This should make for an interesting changeover each year! 🙂

(It also makes me want to buy a metric ton of them and hide them away so I never run out…)

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