Leaping Horse Sculpture [Gallery]

This little guy was one of my favorite experiments! He started out as a Super Sculpey sculpture that was too fragile to cast in plaster without a backdrop, but made a cute little resin magnet without one.

As you can see by his initial rough-out in Sculpey above, he’s evolved somewhat as the molds and casting went on. He now has two hind legs, his mane is slightly less wild and wooley and he has a variety of flat and rocky backdrops to keep his tail from breaking off.

I do love casting things in resin, but a lot of the casts I’ve made from this sculpt have been plaster because it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to cast and to modify the mold once the cast has been made. The one thing I did learn from this whole adventure is always take off the paper labels! (The silicone cast picked up the wood grain and the label in annoyingly sharp detail that both the plaster and resin are happy to recreate).

Onwards to the gallery! (Last Updated: 06/29/2017)


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Martha Bechtel

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