Saturday Story Prompts [2016.01.23]

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1. Markers and pens run dry, but he has blood enough to finish.

2. There is one bird that lives right outside his bedroom window that wakes with the sun every morning and does its damnedest to make sure he does too.

3. “I need you to believe in me. Even if it’s impossible, even if you are sure that I’m going to fail, just please, please find the kid that I know is still in there, close your eyes and believe in fairies. One last time.”

4. The worst thing about being narcoleptic is the nightmares.

5. There are times she wishes magic wasn’t invisible. It’s hard to take credit for things when there are other easier explanations for her friends to latch on to. Still, it hurts to have her hard work chalked up to ‘a gust of wind’ or ‘you just got lucky.’


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Markers and pens run dry, but he has blood enough to finish. Saturday Story Prompt. January 23, 2016
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