Saturday Story Prompts [2016.01.16]

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1. Twice now he’s asked what she really wanted, but neither the child she’d been nor the adult she’s stumbled into being was able to answer.

2. Tigers amble out of the temple in response to the bell, yawning and pausing to stretch as they flow down the steps towards the intruders.

3. I never thought I’d miss the sky. Most of my life was spent indoors, tucked away from the sunlight and focused on one glowing screen or another. Life isn’t much different now, but the choice is gone.

4. The birds shimmer in the air like heat waves off pavement, fluctuating between the realities as they soar through the darkening skies.

5. “I keep you because you don’t lie to me, the magic won’t allow it.”

“I lie all the time, don’t flatter yourself.”

“Ah pet, you lie to other people, even to yourself, but you’ve never lied to me.”


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Twice now he's asked what she really wanted, but neither the child she'd been nor the adult she's stumbled into being was able to answer. Saturday Story Prompt. January 16, 2016
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