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Four Horseheads of the Apocalypse?
Four Horseheads of the Apocalypse?

It’s a little terrifying to realize that the last time I did a LFtW post it was over a year ago…

I meant to start posting these on Sunday at the beginning of the year, but January has been a bit of a chaotic mess. For the most part I’ve kept up by posting photos to the Facebook page, but that’s just not the same as a good old fashioned blog post.

So better late than never, here’s the sum-up of last week and the plan for next week!  (I’ve been tempted to try and plan out my WiPs beyond the current week, but my Artistic Muses are just as ADHD as my Writing Muses so that way leads to madness.)

Make New Friends

Hello Kitty and Silicone-Cornstarch Mold
Hello Kitty and Silicone-Cornstarch Mold

On the workbench this week are two tan and white corgis, a Toob pony in dappled grey, and two bay Stablemates. The ‘if I have time’ include a smaller partial dragon tile, a pair of leaping ponies, and a unicorn head.

And a passel of Hello Kitty casts that are being converted to various fandom characters for the amusement of friends. (Pretty sure copyright means I can’t sell them, but I’ll have to check.)

On the ‘Blog Post’ end of things are a post on the Silicone and Cornstarch mixture as well as a post on costing out the plaster magnets. I’m hoping to have both done by next Sunday, but we’ll see…

Some Are Silver

Suicide Kings
Suicide Kings

Suicide Kings left in the mail early in the week and Underhill Playboy will be dancing out the door tomorrow if all goes well. Changing the prices down to a hobby level might not be ‘professional’, but it’s a lot of fun to finally see these little fellas getting forever homes!

And Others Are Gold

Corgi 002 2016 Scale
Corgi 002

I finished a lot of new magnets in the past week, including four of the large draft horse heads and two of the corgiloafs (woot!). I don’t have either of these sculpts in the store yet, so it will be fun to see what sort of traffic they pull in. Neither one is that expensive to make and I’m having a blast coming up with color combinations to try. ๐Ÿ™‚

There are a lot of things that need to be photographed and uploaded into the Etsy store, so I’m waffling about listing them one per day or just doing a giant dump of listings all at once.

Solskin - Left

The big news from the week was that I polished off one of the older pre-201 Stablemate WiPs! This little guy had been sitting around since, eh, 2007ish? Solskin will be trotting off to Etsy tomorrow afternoon, but I don’t think he’ll be up for long…

My plan is to alternate new Stablemate customs with old WiP bodies. I have a LOT of stuff that is half-finished and I really need to get better about polishing them off. (We’ll ignore the fact that I say this every single year, but I still end up buying a bunch of new bodies.)

Seal Bay Warmblood
Seal Bay

I also started a few new realistic Stablemates to help replace the folks that are leaving. I came up with the idea of posting them to the Facebook page for ‘dibs’ where the buyers would pick how much chrome they got. No nibbles this time around, but I’m going to continue doing it with two horses a week. I’m hoping that will get the ball rolling so I finish things a little faster.

Blood Bay TB
Blood Bay

That’s all for this week… hopefully I’ll have a bunch of ‘I got X done’ for next Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚

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