Saturday Story Prompts [2015.12.19]

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1. No one misses her more than he does, but even his sorrow fades over the years to a dull ache.

2. ‘Fire begets fire’ was the closest saying the tribe has to ‘turn the other cheek’, but they quickly notice it’s used as a promise of violence rather than gentle admonition.

3. Some days even the idea of work, the act of trading life for money, is so unbearably foreign that she can’t help hitting the snooze alarm one last time.

4. Six people crawl out of the wreckage, but the colony can only support three. They don’t tell them immediately, they’ve learned it’s better to wait until the newcomers understand before they ask who is willing to die.

5. The closer you get to a system the thicker the shipping lanes get, out here in the emptiness between the stars we’re down to a comfortable single file.


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042 Saturday Story Prompts 2015-12-19
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