Saturday Story Prompts [2015.12.12]

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1. When the time came to graduate, I stayed home to seek my fortune.

2. Snow wraps the buildings in insulating blankets and the houses, half-buried in the hills, are warm, toasty retreats from their chores.

3. “This is where we part ways.” She stood at the edge of the bridge unwilling or unable to cross. The reason didn’t matter.

4. With two opposing suns, the difference between night and day is negligible. The colony has adapted by taking naps instead of nights and life goes on.

5. My mind is constantly lying to me, thanks to an inherent chemical imbalance. But over the years I’ve learned to filter out the chaos and adapt. So in retrospect, I really was the right man for the job.


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When the time came to graduate, I stayed home to seek my fortune. Saturday Story Prompt. December 12, 2015
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