Recalculating Stablemate Body Costs

Less Body Box, More Body Table…

As part of my swap from Business Pricing to Hobby Pricing I’m trying to figure out the real cost of the materials used to make everything in the Etsy store… and the horses seemed the easiest! (At least until I actually started putting the spreadsheet together.)

This post started out as a simple rehash/update of my earlier Stablemate Body Replacement Costs posts, but alas, my favorite Breyer Horse dealer Model Horse Collector is closing its doors at the end of this year.

So instead, I’m hitting up the Breyer website for my body cost calculations. I’m sure there’s another hobby-based online retailer out there, I just haven’t gone looking yet. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the spreadsheet! 🙂

To be a little more update-friendly I have created a public Google Docs spreadsheet that tracks the per body cost for every Stablemate item that Breyer currently has on its website. You can sort by mold and by price, so it’s an easy way to see what is available and the cheapest way to get it.

Well, almost… I’ve only included the ‘sets’ if it’s the only way to get the mold– there’s no point in paying $15.99 for the Barrel Racing set if all you want is the Mustang! (But sadly the Peruvian Paso (G3) the Deluxe Stable Set is as cheap as it gets.)

I was going to include the Mini Whinnies body costs in here as well… but apparently they aren’t sold anymore? It’s weird, because I can find them online at various retailers, but the Breyer website has them all listed as ‘Retired.’

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