Saturday Story Prompts [2015.10.03]

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1. You aren’t supposed to fire people by text message, but she really wasn’t sure what she’d expected.

2. Venom drips from the dragon’s fangs as it yawns, decorating the boulder with splashes of gold. Its mouth stretches wide enough to swallow even the largest of the pack beasts in a single bite. All they can do is wait and hope it falls back asleep.

3. The war is an ever-present context in a way he’d forgotten from his childhood. It shows in every conversation, every breath.

4. The seasonal migration of the tribal bands is marked by crops, planted months and sometimes years ahead of time. For as long as she can remember food has always been there to welcome them home, until today.

5. “You won’t forget me,” he said dismissively, “don’t bother trying.”


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You won’t forget me, he said dismissively, don’t bother trying. Saturday Story Prompt. October 3, 2015
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