Saturday Story Prompts [2015.09.19]

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1. The stars take our best and brightest and grind them to dust.

2. “The best stories start with ‘if only,'” she said, carefully unwinding the yarn. “Always trade for those, if you can. Never barter for what did happen, at best those tales are just old news and at worse are full of lies.”

3. You can buy anything in the bazaar. Nothing is illegal in these winding streets, but in a very carefully controlled way, so as not to offend.

4. Distance weapons are dishonorable, inherently evil in their very nature and she shivers as she touches the bow.

5. Wavelengths aren’t quite the same here and colors are flatly muted, some shades missing altogether. It hasn’t seemed to bother the plants, but the resulting off-color jungle makes for a surreal landscape.


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The stars take our best and brightest and grind them to dust. Saturday Story Prompt. September 19, 2015
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