Saturday Story Prompts [2015.07.18]

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1. There are forty-seven steps between the front door and the mailbox and she counts them every day until the letter comes.

2. Sixteen is too young to die, if you believe the laws.

3. “Did you ever mean it when you make those promises?” She watched the kid walk away from them, new hope putting a skip in his step.

“I always mean it,” her companion said, “but keeping them is harder than you think.”

4. The river runs cold, even in the height of summer. Ice water from the glaciers pours down in a constant stream of unpolluted but freezing water.

5. The spell is a simple one, but it’s that simplicity that works against her now.


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The river runs cold, even in the height of summer. Saturday Story Prompt. July 18, 2015
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