Tweaking the TWWA Cover

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As I start to hack away at the current draft of The Wolves We Are I noticed that Scrivener had an option to import a cover… but when I went to grab the existing one I just didn’t like the look of it.

The cover from last March isn’t a bad cover, certainly better than my first try (although I still like it as an icon), but something just felt off about it. So bad to the drawing board I went! Well, okay, less drawing board and more tweaking board, but you get the idea.

Flip the color gradient, darken it some and swap out the simple silhouette for an actual (if blurry) moon and we have victory!

Although it’s a little hard to tell it’s a wolfdog in the bottom corner and not an actual wolf. Oh well…

But now I’ve got a cover that I like again! … We’ll see how long that lasts! 😉

Version 2.0

Version 2.5

Version 3.0

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