June Check-in: Twelve Things (2015 Goals)

2015 Motto: Failing Upwards!

It has been a crazy couple of months since my last update on this list. We’ve moved houses, done emergency dog fostering, rolled up our sleeves and started prepping the old house to be a rental, and waded into the mess of unpacking before getting new roommates– whew!

So now that things have settled down a smidge, it’s time for me to start looking back over the list and see just how far I have left to go… (hint: walking to Mordor seems more plausible a goal at this point)

But never give up, never surrender!

Hit 100% completion on at least one Nerd Fitness – 6 Week Challenge.

…yeah, I need to see when the next one of these starts. Today? Really? Erm… Okay, so the next challenge starts in roughly six weeks…

I’ve made one stab at this already and I’m not crazy enough to think stacking it on top of the chaos that will be the next two months is going to accomplish anything. So, mid-July, we’ll give this another go.

Win NaNoWriMo, preferably working from an outline instead of pantsing.

I’m on track to do this thanks to my Totally Awesome Idea of using the July Camp NaNoWriMo to do the outline and story bible (and DVD extra fics). That will hopefully get me back into the habit of daily writing again, which I can transition to non-NaNo things once August hits.

Or at least that’s the plan…

Depending on schedule, do some short stories for Camp NaNoWriMo, but do not commit to anything beyond the minimum wordcount.

Yeah, this failed and failed hard for the first 2015 Camp NaNoWriMo, but it’s pretty much on track for July. I’ll be doing a lot of DVD Extras, backstory, drabbles, etc. in order to flesh out the cast for the November novel. I am once again flirting with the dreaded ‘burned out and bored with the idea’ outcome, but I figure if I put it away August-October then it will look good again come November! 🙂

Thus July should be rampant with writing, doodling, photomanips, and cover design– a whole bunch of randomly artistic things to keep my Muses happily bouncing around long enough to make wordcount. *crosses fingers*

Publish at least one more Short Story as an eBook.

I’m actually working on that now! I’ve gotten a trial version of Scrivener and am plugging away at making The Wolves We Are something I deem worthy of free-eBook-dom… which is sadly probably a higher standard than I need to be aiming for. *eyes the hundreds of Really Bad eBooks* Oh well, at least I’ll be happy with it.

Paint at least 12 model horses this year.

I’ve actually finished quite a few horses this year, I’ve just been running behind with the posts to the blog. But with luck, I’ll be caught up again this month. I just realized I can name them off the top of my head, so I suppose I’d better edit next month’s post when I do the unpacking inventory.

*makes notes*

Stop drinking diet coke (again).

Mwhahahaha–no. Not yet at least, but I’ve got plenty of year left to do this in… right?

Try out the Paleo diet and see if it is a good fit.

Need to unpack the kitchen first.

If we get the new house, Learn how to cook dinners.

We did get the new house (re: moving, above) so I guess it’s time to finish unpacking the kitchen and starting to cook. This will probably take a backseat to the next goal, since that one can be solved by ‘chop up random veggies and throw them in a tupperware’ and my hubby prefers a little more, err, dinner to his dinner.

If we don’t get the new house, Learn how to pack lunches.

Eh, I figured if I start cooking that means leftovers and I may as well do this one too. Although I’m probably going to end up eating more random veggies and less leftovers in the grab scheme of things. I do miss my frontyard garden though!

Note to self: resume bento box addiction, stat.

Get financially organized again

Really need to get up and off my duff on this one. :p

Make a profit from the microbusiness this year.

I closed down the business as of May 1st, so this one is off the to-do list. I’ll see if I can’t think of something non-food-related to replace it with. *ponders*

Create at least one resin medallion that is good enough to sell 10 copies. Then sell 10 copies.

I did the draft head as a rough resin cast, but I still need to go back in and ‘edit’ it to make it something worthy of a proper casting. I just haven’t unpacked enough to really get back into my ‘commiting art!’ mindset. (Boo!)

Make at least one how-to art video.

No movement on this one yet, but once we settle into the new house I’m going to start playing around. I have a feeling that I can pull this off either in the kitchen or outside on the deck (with narration voiceovers), but we’ll have to see.

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