Saturday Story Prompts [2015.03.07]

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1. The tree has weathered a thousand storms, resolute against the winds and rains that tore its brethren asunder.

2. “I thought I remembered you from somewhere,” she said. “But to be honest I didn’t try very hard.”

3. Seven locks for seven doors is a turn of phrase that means a possible impossible task— the princess isn’t sure she’s comfortable with people using her imprisonment (and subsequent rescue) as slang, but royal decrees don’t carry as much weight as they used to.

4. They don’t go to the shore for the sea, but the life along the sea. Rocky tide pools and saltwater marshes brim with life and profit if you know where to look.

5. Time is something I have to waste, but precious little ways to do so.


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I thought I remembered you from somewhere, she said. But to be honest I didn't try very hard. Saturday Story Prompt. March 7, 2015
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