Lost to Moonlight (Harry Potter)

Originally Posted: Aug. 31st, 2006
Length/Rating: 100 words, PG, Gen
Pairing/Warnings: none
Summary: Sometimes you couldn’t see the stars. (Remus Lupin, PoA timeline)

“HARRY POTTER” and other related entities are trademark and copyright JK Rowling, her publisher Bloomsbury, and, to some extent, Warner Bros. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.

The moon was full, and it meant nothing.

He played in the silver shadows, catching fireflies and singing campfire songs. Learning to find constellations faded by the moonlight. Here Draco, there Cassiopeia, and his favorite bears patrolling the night sky. Like stars, those few bright memories from his childhood, dimmed by moonlight.

The moon was full, and it meant everything.

No, no, no, but he couldn’t stop it, and Sirius was there, and Harry, and no, please, and then it was too late and what he was melted into the darkness of what he had become.

The moon was full…

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