Saturday Story Prompts [2015.02.21]

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1. There is in all of us, the seeds of darkness.

2. Dancing isn’t a formal thing here, instead, it’s a series of ever-evolving moves passed on from town to town and invented on a whim. He lurks on the edges of the happy chaos, too used to the regimented dance halls of home.

3. “I don’t think you’re listening to me.”

“Good catch, I’m not.”

“This is important, lives are at stake!”

“I know, why do you think I’m ignoring you? Let me work.”

4. Robots can’t do everything, at least not yet, so there’s still plenty of work to be done in the colonies. She might not be skilled, but she’s one heck of a handyman and it keeps her fed as she wanders the planet.

5. Sundown is the beginning of their day, until the predators are asleep it’s too dangerous to work.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can use these writing prompts verbatim or modified, just don’t resell them as prompts. (That’s my shtick!)

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I don't think you're listening to me. Good catch, I'm not. This is important, lives are at stake! I know, why do you think I'm ignoring you? Let me work. Saturday Story Prompt. February 21, 2015
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