Thy Fearful Symmetry (Harry Potter)

Originally Posted: Dec. 4th, 2006
Length/Rating: 100 words, PG, Gen
Pairing/Warnings: none
Summary: Written for snape100 challenge #154: Snape and an Original Character

HARRY POTTER is trademark and copyright JK Rowling, her publisher Bloomsbury, and, to some extent, Warner Bros. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.

“You won’t get away with this.” Snape gave his opponent his best glare, one honed from years of challenging students and Death Eaters alike. The gaze was cold, condescending… and completely ineffective.

After a moment the potions master gave up and took the chair across the fire from his usual spot. His foe yawned and snuggled into the cushions, purring a victory tune.

“Only you would think practicing animagus transformations included napping.” Snape glared at his new teaching assistant, “couldn’t you pick something less—- theatrical?”

The tiger just sprawled bonelessly over Snape’s favorite couch in the teacher’s lounge and purred.

Martha Bechtel

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