The Year That Was (So Long 2014!)

Live from the Workbench 11-15-2014
Too many hobbies, too little desk!

It’s been a long chaotic year, filled with twists and turns and a lot of ‘getting stuck in ruts’ that leave me feeling less accomplished than I normally do in these reviews.

Looking back, I never set any solid goals for this year, which may have been the problem. I’m itching to start off the new year with something a bit more coherent, so expect that post in the days to come…

But as always, I’m stubbornly determined to only focus on the good things from last year, so onwards!

Accomplishments of 2014

Real Life Stuffs

  • 12 Year Wedding Anniversary, WOOT! 😀  (I refuse to celebrate these only in groups of five, it seems like a waste of a good celebration!)
  • Another year, another promotion… and that one brought me to the IT job that I’m seriously going to duct tape myself to the chair if they ever try and make me leave.
  • For the first time in my life my job title actually says Developer.
  • Top that off with an official FIVE YEARS with this company, which means I’m fully vested in a 401k. For the first time ever. I am totes a grownup now right? 😉
  • I fought back against the doldrums and have continued to walk on the treadmill and rack up the HealthMiles. I even managed to wear through a motor belt on it– how awesome is that?
  • We paid off the mortgage on the house… and then four months later we’re putting in an offer on a bigger one. With luck we’ll have our forever home in early 2015, which means more room for ART! Mwahahahaha….
  • We repaired the foundation on the current house, right before we paid it off. That’s a repair we’ve been saving towards for a while now, so I’m definitely counting it a win.

Writing and Model Horse Related

In Peace - eBook Cover 300x400
  • Finished and posted the Listener’verse tale In Peace, my very first non-Saturday Story Prompt eBook!
  • I won NaNoWriMo by the skin of my teeth, but I got solid rough drafts of several short stories out of it. Which means I have things to finish up for my 2015 Year in Review! 😀
  • I did my first ever resculpt on a Classic scale horse for a custom order and it was addicting… now I need more epoxy stat!!
  • Painted horses, wolves, cats, and a metric ton of plaster magnets. Most of which I don’t have pictures of on the blog, so I’ll have to remedy that in the near future. *rolls up sleeves*
  • Learned how to create molds out of 100% Silicone Caulk and then how to cast using a mixture of Plaster and Wood Glue and then learned how to cast with actual resin!
  • The molding and casting posts are now the most popular on the blog, beating out the SSPs!
  • I got all of the Saturday Story Prompt monthly eBooks finally finished and posted… just in time for them all to turn FREE. (doh!)

Blog Related

  • Blog traffic dropped off in 2014, mostly because I stopped posting for long stretches. Thankfully the Saturday Story Prompts and Silicone Caulk casting posts kept me going in the downtime.
  • I turned off commenting, which cut my time fighting spammers down to zero.
  • Because of that downtime, there isn’t much to celebrate, other than hitting 2000 blog posts, but I have some Grand Plans for 2015! 😀
Failure is the New Breakfast

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

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