Saturday Story Prompts [2015.01.17]

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1. All children under the age of eight are simply known as ‘Child.’ Names could only be used once and were too precious to waste.

2. “Mortals are rarely clever,” said the dragon as he let her go. “So it seems I should encourage the behavior.”

3. Puppy season in the kennels is a constant torrent of noise. The sign language that had been mildly useful before is critical now.

4. “I do know you,” he said unruffled. “You pay your taxes early and drive the speed limit and carefully follow all the lines you’ve ever been told to walk. Now I’m asking you to break them.”

5. Magic bound by ‘Harms None’ is actually more limited than people think.


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I do know you, he said unruffled. You pay your taxes early and drive the speed limit and carefully follow all the lines you've ever been told to walk. Now I'm asking you to break them. Saturday Story Prompt. January 17, 2015
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