Saturday Story Prompts [2015.01.10]

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1. Magic burns like hot peppers, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not.

2. “I worry about you,” she said, tucking away a strand of hair from his face, “You’re too newly hatched to face this test.”

“I am from a line of Kings,” he objected. “I’ve been bred for this, it’s what I was meant to be.”

“I hope so.”

“I know so.”

3. Two shadows trot along the ridge of darkness. Only a breath brighter than their surroundings, they’re ghostly echoes of what the dark used to be.

4. The world is full of noise, hundreds of things constantly demanding her attention… So one day she turned it all off.

5. “I think you’ve missed the point. This isn’t about the end of the world, it never was. This has always been just about you and me.”


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I am from a line of Kings, he objected. I've been bred for this, it's what I was meant to be. Saturday Story Prompt. January 10, 2015
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