Five Full Years of Saturday Story Prompts!

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With the retirement of the monthly Prompt books come Jan 1st, I’m busy working on other things to put into my Smashwords store.

The biggest so far is an eBook that covers all five years of the regularly posted Saturday Story Prompts. I’m putting in the time and money to get it proofread and find it a good cover, because I’m pretty darned proud of making it to five years. In the downtime while I get both of those done, I’m having a blast playing around with the metrics!

There are 1,305 prompts total with 483 different first words. The most commonly used first word was The at 195, which I’m sure comes as no great surprise to anyone but me. 😉

There are only 44 prompts that directly mention a dragon and 12 that mention a planet, which makes my overtly fantasy and science fiction muses sad. (There are 38 magics and 28 spaces, but still.)

The weather muses are content with 52 suns, 46 rains, 10 fogs, 15 snows, and 28 clouds. But there are only 16 moons and to 41 nights, so we’re running a bit short on satellites.

There is only 1 wolf and 8 wolves, but there are 31 dogs and a whopping 75 cats! Apparently I’m more prepared for the Revenge, Regret, and Kittens book that I thought…

To round out the POVs, there are 24 He/He’s/He’d to 36 She/She’s/She’d, but a whopping 60 I/I’d/I’ll/I’m/I’ve. Apparently first person is alive an well in my head.

All The King’s Prompts

For fun I’ve included the list of first words below in case anyone wants to use them as a prompt list. This weekend I’m playing a game of writing prompts that don’t start with them for next year!


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