2015 Stablemate Body Box

Let's Get Painting!
Let’s Get Painting!

This information is accurate as of 01/02/2015.

The photos here are from the body box horses, but do not represent the condition of all horses sharing that mold. As you can see from the pics below the condition ranges from new out of packaging all the way down to ‘strip the paint and try again’.

Any of these horses are available for purchase in combination with a custom paint job. If you are looking to purchase them individually, please drop me a convo on my Etsy shop.

Breyer Stablemates G2

1American Saddlebred 
3Appaloosa (Quarter Horse)
~|-|~1Arabian (Rearing)
2Morgan Ornament
~|-|~1Paso Fino
5Scrambling Foal
~|-|~3Scratching Foal
1Shetland Pony 
~|-|~3Trotting Foal 
2Trotting Foal Ornament 
2Warmblood Ornament 

Breyer Stablemates G3

1Andalusian (Rearing)
~|-|~2Arabian (Walking)
4Cantering Warmblood
3Highland Pony 
2Peruvian Paso 
~|-|~1Tennessee Walking Horse 
1Warmblood Jumper 

Breyer Stablemates G4

~|-|~1Endurance (Arabian)

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