Saturday Story Prompts [2014.11.29]

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1. I thought I loved her once, before I realized they built me without emotions.

2. The world they come from has never had a true night and it takes them a while to learn why we fear the dark.

3. Most stories don’t start with a happy ending, but my brother has always done everything the hard way.

4. She stares at the planet silhouetted by the dying sun until it’s burned into her retinas, she’ll carry the image of everyone she can’t save with her into the night.

5. Riding snakes is nauseating. They sweep across the grasslands at insane speeds, pausing only when they hit something too large to divert around. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like being three stories off the ground as they sway their heads looking for a way up.


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040 Saturday Story Prompts 2014-11-29
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