Saturday Story Prompts [2014.11.01]

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1. Dragons make horrible spies, but great distractions.

2. “If you listen hard enough you can find the silence,” he leaned back against tree trunk, eyes still closed. “Just pick one sound, focus on that until it’s all you can hear– then put it aside.”

“One sound.” She looked around at the crowded park, “Right.”

“Magic takes practice baby sister,” he cracked an eye open and grinned. “You want me to tell Mom you’ve given up already?”

3. You can tell the weather by the clouds, if you pay attention– but she settles for taking an umbrella everywhere she goes instead.

4. Shipboard food is bland, processed, and repetitive. Planetside cuisine is a hodgepodge of flavors, each colony has its own mix of native and imported flavors and his stomach is always in gleeful turmoil for at least a week after landing.

5. The songs are simple now, the subtle complexities lost to time until only the melody remains.


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023 Saturday Story Prompts 2014-11-01
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