Saturday Story Prompts [2014.08.30]

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1. “So what brings you into the wood?” asked the fox who wasn’t a wolf and wasn’t a bear. “It’s not safe out here in the dark.” He rippled as he spoke and wasn’t a cougar and wasn’t a lynx.

“You’re right,” she said and shot him with silver until he was just a fox again, “it’s not safe at all.”

2. I finally had to call in sick after a fruitless hour of tearing my apartment apart searching for my keys. My boss was more amused than annoyed, but I was headed into to a full-blown not-really-midlife crisis.

3. Dolphins are the teenaged assholes of our coast– sure, sometimes they’d help rescue a drowning fisherman, but for the most part make a game of dismantling our fish pens, harass the hippos that bring barges down the river, and snatch away the larger gamefish just before we can get them on the boat.

4. Over the years the forest expands outwards from the circle, rows of trees radiating in straight lines as if planted by an army of gardeners.

5. There’s a cliff by the sound end of the beach where you can lie right on the edge and watch the waves crash in below you. It’s just high enough to seem scary when you’re small, but short enough not to terrify your parents.


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