Saturday Story Prompts [2014.08.16]

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1. Parallel universes spill off her fingers like drops of blood.

2. The ocean never changes and the ocean always changes. The phrase is so ingrained in the culture that it punctuates most conversations and she stops noticing it after a few weeks of living on the island.

3. Smoke is everywhere, not as thick or as acrid as when the fires were burning, but still dense enough to mask what’s entwined in the smoldering rubble. They pick their way out of the carnage and never look down.

4. Company life is broken down to a series of ruts and hills: you’re either at a job or on a ship heading to the next job. He learns quickly to enjoy the downtime while it lasts.

5. “‘My mother‘ this, ‘My mother‘ that– let the poor woman rest in peace and stop comparing us!”


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024 Saturday Story Prompts 2014-08-16
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