Saturday Story Prompts [2014.07.05]

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1. He’s forgotten more in a month than I’ve ever learned and it’s terrifying to watch something so ancient try to fit into a human shell.

2. ‘Happy thoughts’ really depend on who’s thinking them.

3. “This is the last time I save you from stupid choices.”

“I thought last time was the ‘last time’,” he said with a grin. “Come on Aunt Marg, you know you love the chance to tell Mom she was wrong.”

“The last time,” Margery repeated… and she almost meant it.

4. Raindrops are larger here, due to the gravity and atmosphere, and he spends a few lazy hours watching them splash against the windows.

5. Caravans are always delayed: it’s a time honored law of low-tech travel, so they’ve built in two-week buffers to compensate.


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“This is the last time I save you from stupid choices.” Saturday Story Prompt. July 5, 2014
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