Saturday Story Prompts [2014.06.21]

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1. Tiny leaves encircle the vines like fur, ruffling in the soft spring breezes.

2. “But– I thought I loved you,” he sounded so honestly confused that for a moment she felt guilty.

3. Vacant hallways are all that’s left of the victory celebration. The victors are thoughtfully tidy in their conquest, if nothing else.

4. The planet is disturbingly flat to someone born and raised in the mountains. Populated with nothing but grasses and reeds, the continent they’ve landed on is an endless prairie that stretches to all horizons with nary a shrub or sapling in sight.

5. Building a nest egg turns into a game of finding places to put the money that he’ll forget to look in. Sure, he feels silly eight months down the road stumbling over a twenty in the vase or a fifty in an old coat pocket, but at least he’s consistently saving.


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Tiny leaves encircle the vines like fur, ruffling in the soft spring breezes. Saturday Story Prompt. June 21, 2014
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