Camp NaNoWriMo (July) Approacheth!

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Try, Try Again…

Yes, it’s that time again… wordcounts once again wait in the wings to pounce on me the first!

After a string of failed NaNoWriMos I’m a bit leery of this one. But I haven’t purposefully sat out a NaNo yet, so I think I’m just going to set an incredibly small goal (again) and work up from there.

I was originally going to do a proper 50k novel, but life-not-related-to-NaNo is set for a major upswing in July and I don’t really want to embrace failure that soon. So 10k it is, and hopefully this time I’ll make it!

The Book

So what’s this NaNo’s novel? Why The Book That Isn’t Rise and Walk, of course! 😉

Rise and Walk is a book first sparked back in 2006 when I was sick at home and riding the DayQuil goodness. It’s dark and full of unpleasant people– so I figured it wasn’t worth working on. After all, who wants to read a book where you end up rooting for the least evil of the bad guys? *cough**GoT**cough*

Then I posted the query letter to Evil Editor, just for fun… and every few years I’ve had people checking in on it ever since.

So it’s time to get it written, by hook or by crook!

The Plan

I am going to go back and reread all of the previous writing and worldbuilding I did for this… and then (temporarily) throw it all out the window. In proper NaNo form I’m going to attack the book idea with absolutely no qualms about quality and work on simply getting all of the ideas fleshed out and all the plot holes filled in.

The world is still pretty rough in my head, even after all the previous work, so I have a feeling some of the previous black box/handwaving in regards to the magic will need to be reengineered. I will have internal consistency to my fantasy, thankyouvery much!

But yeah, this month will be roughing out the plot of the novel and chasing down issues. Fleshing out the characterization of all involved (which means lots of DVD extras! :D) as well as getting the magic systems and Council governing issues hammered out.

Also, scheduling of lots of not-working-on-the-novel time, because lo– one can only hang out in a world built on blood magic for so long before interactions with normal people go a little sideways. You think murder mystery writers have a hard time? Try talking about the societal implications of said magic system over lunch sometime. With someone else who is enthusiastic about the worldbuilding.

The looks you get are actually pretty entertaining… 😉

Of Blogs and Stories

I’m torn between posting the work to the blog and just posting updates. I’m not going to aim for traditional publication for this book, just the normal ‘free on the blog, not-free as an eBook’ release, so posting the rough draft won’t mean anything.

But… yeah, this is not a nice book. It’s not a nice world or nice inhabitants.

I’m actually pretty leery of making it the primary content of the blog for a month. Even if I don’t get that much work done on it. The last thing I want is for folks to take a novel from the outliers of my Muse’ing and think it’s my main focus.

I don’t mind things like That Don’t Impress Me Much or In Dreams of Trees because on the whole they are happy books. Sometimes downright silly books… which is more my style.

So this one might get hidden for a bit. *pokes story* Just until I have enough happy built up to dilute it.

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