Saturday Story Prompts [2014.05.24]

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1. Magic can only do so much in human hands, we’re too strong-willed to be good channels.

2. Orbits are meant to decay, but this one churned on through the millennium unbroken.

3. Summer colds decimate the workforce, but slide under the radar long enough that the virus is well and truly spread before they realize what’s going on.

4. Plans are constantly made and remade, a shifting skin of possibilities stretched over the framework of survival.

5. Pollution may have muddied the waters, but it hadn’t made a dent in the wildlife. Sure, what lived and grew in the waters now was only slightly kin to what had been there in her grandpa’s days, but it was still just another mountain lake– at least until they moved in.


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It was just another mountain lake... at least until they moved in Saturday Story Prompt. May 24, 2014
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