Saturday Story Prompts [2014.05.03]

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1. Universes live and die on the flick of a wrist.

2. Carpet patterns are meant to catch the eye and ensnare the mind. She ends up entranced in a half-dozen throw rugs before she finally learns the trick of not looking down.

3. Nine times out of ten it really is his fault, but that doesn’t make him feel any less hurt when she’s wrong.

4. Even with no humans, it’s never quiet here. What animals survived the war are thriving in the ruins and there’s a constant rustle and chatter life.

5. Uranium doesn’t look as deadly as she expects, although thinking about it she’s not sure what a deadly rock should look like.


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Carpet patterns are meant to catch the eye and ensnare the mind. Saturday Story Prompt. May 3, 2014
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