Half the Battle (Doctor Who)

Originally Posted:  Dec. 19th, 2006
Length/Rating:  100 words, PG
Pairing/Warnings:  none
Summary: “Knowing is half the battle!” – G.I.Joe Written for dw100 Challenge #147: ice and snow

“DOCTOR WHO” is trademark and copyright BBC Television, BBC Worldwide Ltd., etc. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.

“Did you know you can taste time?” The Doctor raised his glass, peering curiously at the merlot. He grinned when Rose raised an eyebrow. “Well, not taste, not exactly, more of a smell come to think of it.”

“And that’s a royal ‘you’ to boot.” Jack tipped his half-empty glass in salute, “Some of us make do with only five senses you know.” Rose laughed and leaned over to clink glasses in human comradery.

“You aren’t missing much,” the Doctor sniffed the wine experimentally. “Smells like Siberia, time does, full of ice and snow and barren nothingness.”

“Good to know.”

Martha Bechtel

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