Golden Star (Custom Breyer Stablemate Friesian)

Golden Star - Left

Golden Star is a custom order done on a Breyer Stablemate G3 Friesian and this handsome fella is the other half of the custom order with Silverheart. He’s a golden extended blanket appaloosa with gold/silver/bronze striped hooves, amber eyes, and a diamond star on his forehead. His white markings have a painted layer of matte finish (which is more semi-gloss) over them to make them shine.

Like Silverheart, his paint job was an adventure in learning metallics! The gold covers much better than silver did, but my various experiments in shading the gold didn’t pan out. I ended up using a very diluted bronze-gold mixture to bring some depth to the mane and some lightness from the silver and the Ceramcoat gold.

I had a lot of fun with this guy’s blanket– while it’s not as layered as the Sweet Onion Live Show Donation, it’s a much lacier pattern. It was fun to play with the transparency of the gold and light washes of gesso– the semi-gloss finish also helped add depth.

He’s got a bit of a lean in some of the photos, but that’s due to the art table, not the model.

The Breyer Stablemate G3 Friesian is roughly 3 inches tall, 4 inches long, and an inch wide. Per Breyer Stablemates are all 1:32 scale, but it varies a bit between molds.

Medium: Gesso, Liquitex Artist’s Color Acrylics (Gesso, Bright Gold, Metallic Bright Bronze, Iridescent Rich Bronze), FolkArt (662 Metallic Silver Sterling, 476 Asphaltum, 944 Nutmeg)

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