Camp NaNoWriMo is over and I’m Happy I lost!

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Words Words Words

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014 session is over… and I’ve lost Camp again. I wrote 6,236 of a 10,000 word goal (where 10,000 words = 10,000 words of published eBook), which is better than some previous attempts, but still a Loss.

I could have easily won by just dumping words on paper (and I was very tempted to at the end), but the one thing I really needed to get done was the massively overdue Saturday Story Prompts monthly eBooks.

So why aren’t I crushed at my now seemingly endless NaNo-losing streak? Why aren’t I cursing myself for not making writing a higher priority? Or vowing that Next Time(tm) I will do it better?

Because I finished (and posted) five eBooks in April, plus have a final (but not published) flash fiction to be posted in May.

These are eBooks that I wouldn’t have finished if Camp NaNo hadn’t been running.

So when July comes around, I’ll happily lose again! (Only this time I’ll be losing in a traditional novel format. 😉 )

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