M.O.M. Live Show Donation (Breyer Stablemate)

M.O.M. Live Show Donation

This little gal is Breyer Stablemate G3 Belgian and a show donation to M.O.M. Live held on May 17th, in Black River Falls, WI. She’s also the first finished customer of 2014! (We’ll ignore the fact that she’s also the only horse I finished 1st Quarter. *sighs*)

She’s unnamed, at least until I hear otherwise, but her workbench name has been Dammitall Dapples– because I’ve never tried painting a true dapple bay before and she was quite an adventure. Dammitall was a fun combination of the first finished custom on this mold and the first time I’ve tried painting this color. Dappled bay turns out to be not quite as impossible as dappled gray, but it’s a pretty thin line.

I started out planning to do her mostly in acrylics, but the dappling issues caused me to break out the Prismacolor pencils as well as the pastels. Thankfully the combination of the three mediums worked out well, but she’s actually a lot less red than she looks in the photos (hence the overabundance of them).

Bay Show Donation – with Paints

While working on her my camera also developed spots, so if you see something weird in the photos– that’s probably where it came from. I did my best to eliminate them in the final round, but it’s still a bit iffy.

Medium: Liquitex Artist Color Acrylics (Gesso, Ivory Black, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Neutral Gray, Napthol Crimson), FolkArt Acrylics (504 VanDyke Brown, 476 Aspheltum, 944 Nutmeg, 940 Coffee Bean) Sargent Art Earthtone Chalk Pastels, Prismacolor Pencils (941 Light Umber, 945 Sienna Brown, 1056 Warm Grey 70%, 946 Dark Brown, 1050 Warm Grey 10% 104 French Grey 70%)

Bay Show Donation – Angle Bay Show Donation – New Right Bay Show Donation – Right Flash Bay Show Donation – Left Bay Show Donation – Top Bay Show Donation – Tummy Bay Show Donation – Front Bay Show Donation – Back

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