Camp NaNoWriMo eBook Release Schedule

Of Kingdoms and Nails

The general game-plan for April’s Camp is to release an eBook every three days: 10 books x 1,000+ words each = 10,000. Of course I also plan on exceeding that goal (if I can), so this is just the very roughest of an outline.

Since I’m trying to focus on writing/editing this month that means I have to get the cover art done in the next nine days… woo? *flails about madly*

The books that will get me to that minimum goal are as follows. I’m trying to get the SSPs done first so I can spam them into the Smashwords Store and then follow up with actual stories.

  1. Saturday Story Prompts Monthly Collections (2012 and 2014)
    • April
    • May
    • June
    • July
    • August
    • September
    • October
    • November
    • December
  2. In Peace (Final? Draft 1k+) – Listener’verse
  3. The Wolves We Are (Final? Draft 8k+) – Baron’verse

Since the SSPs are mostly just editing and formatting (covers are already done), I should be able to get them finished a bit faster than scheduled. With that said, here’s the list of stretch goals…

  1. Chewtoys (Rough Draft 5k+) – Whistling in the Dark verse
  2. Bringing Sarah Home (Rough Draft 3k+) – Rabbit’verse
  3. Daily Snippit Collections (Flash Fiction, DVD Extras (long SSPs)
    • Revenge, Regret, and Kittens
    • North by Northwest
    • An Honest Living
    • On the Road Again
    • Just This Side of Normal
    • Days of Future Last Tuesday
    • Those Who Bleed Shadows
    • Pardon My Flerian
    • In Accordance With The Prophecy
    • A Muse by Any Other Name… Would Be Just as Annoying

So bring on April, I’m ready! 😀 (*dashes off to finish model horses and covers*)

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