Saturday Story Prompts [2014.02.01]

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1. Not all family traditions are happy ones.

2. There are three answers to every question here: yes, no, and maybe. It’s an inherent logic that gives our AIs headaches in translation– at least until they hit the higher level math.

3. The sickness settles over the camp like a blanket, smothering those already brought low by battle wounds.

4. She didn’t mind the coyotes at first, they were new and novel, friendly reminders that nature here though humans were more interesting than dangerous. Then they started tearing through the rabbit fence to munch on her garden and things got personal.

5. It was getting harder to remember he wasn’t human; the longer he spent in the mortal shell the more his true self eroded.


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It was getting harder to remember he wasn't human. Saturday Story Prompt. February 1, 2014
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