Saturday Story Prompts [2014.01.04]

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1. Light danced down the sides of the spire, the cold metallic shape starkly unnatural amidst the wheat.

2. I used to think there was a limit to the number of lies you can tell yourself.

3. Two trees are all that’s left of the grove after the fire. They’ve been blackened and warped by the heat, but she can tell by the sap seeping out to close the wounds that they’ll survive.

4. Summer and Winter are easy concepts to explain, but Fall and Spring are just slow gradients between the polar opposites.

5. Feral dogs are still dogs, they’ll come back in hand if you give them the chance. Feral cats, on the other hand, aren’t willing to make the same mistake twice.


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I used to think there was a limit to the number of lies you can tell yourself. Saturday Story Prompt. January 4, 2014
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