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Rough Outlines of the Blog-to-come


January has been a chaotic month, but things are starting to settle down again and I can get moving on some of the major projects for this year!

As I’ve mentioned before, 2014 brings with it the complete overhaul of the blog’s design. I’m transitioning from the multi-threaded blog that was the site’s rebirth in 2010 and focusing more on producing and organizing content that people find useful/interesting. There will still be all of the Horse/Warcraft/Writing/Business goodness there was before, this time it will be easier to find. 😉

I’m sticking with the Boilerplate theme as my base, since I’m not quite up to maintaining my own full-theme but I’m getting vicious with the edits I’m making to the childtheme. (more…)

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Portrait Horse: Dandy

Portrait Horse: Dandy

While this gal wasn’t my first custom order on a traditional scale mold (that would be Subterfuge), she’s my first portrait horse that wasn’t a Stablemate! Dandy has been the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to paint and it has been one of the most enjoyable learning experiences.

From a blind eye to the not-quite-shell-not-quite-grey hooves, Dandy offered me a chance to try out a lot of things I’d never touched before. I’m actually going to be going back and creating how-to posts out of all the detail work I did on her (hooves, eyes, etc.) so this post is more of a image spam than anything else.


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