‘Sleep’ is no longer a valid choice. *sighs*

And with the sunrise, I’m once again on the dayshift… Well, to be fair, my old 11-8 was still technically a day shift, just more of an afternoon/late-evening shift.

But this means turning my schedule on its head again, and finding a new rhythm for my artwork and writing and WoW.

I’m hoping it means I’ll start using those missing three hours that I was wasting in the morning, but only time will tell. *pokes plans* Well, time and about a month’s worth of attempts at ‘Getting Things Done’.

For now I’m going to shift to a 7am/7pm EST posting schedule, so look for updates this week around those times. I think I figured out what was mucking up my automated scheduled postings (darn you Edit Flow! *shakes fist at sky*) so I’m testing it out.

Happy Monday to all! *bundles up an heads out the door into the cold*

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