Saturday Story Prompts [2013.11.30]

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1. Snow so soft and fine it feels like feathers again her face.

2. Spying was much less exciting than the magazines made it out to be. Their neighborhood was bereft of supervillains, covert operations, and even petty theft. On the whole, they were terribly ordinary and horribly boring adults.

3. The sandstorm scours the dragon clean and the whistling grunts of Tyslor’s happiness echo across the sands– even in the roar of the storm, the army can surely hear them.

4. Counting cars helps to pass the time, but blue cars seem too easy so the game quickly devolves into ‘cars with model names starting with R’ and ‘cars with license plates from states ending in A’.

5. It’s the last thing anyone wants, but it’s still better than doing nothing at all.


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Spying was much less exciting than the magazines made it out to be.  Saturday Story Prompt. November 30, 2013
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