A Thanks Giving Sale!

G3/G4 Thanks Giving Sale!

I love the model horse hobby and all the wonderful folks that make tack, collect clinkies, paint horses, make props, collects OFs, sculpt resins, make how-to videos, collect customs, photoshow, liveshow, funshow… it is a massive ball of horsey-worsey fun! And possibly Doctor Who jokes. But mostly fun! 😉

And so, I decided against my better judgement to do a Thanks Giving sale. And it’s happening today because I will be in a serious turkey coma in a few hours and probably won’t remember to post this on Black Friday.

You see that body box to the right? I have all of those bodies IN HAND. I have have them in hand for TWO YEARS. I want them out of hand!

So any color, any pattern is now 20% off and body costs are dropped to $2.00 regardless of the mold.

As the bodies get marked off, I will come back and update the photo with green check marks– like the stock horse who’s already spoken for. It’s first come, first served– but if you pick a horse that is already gone before I update the photo, I’ll do my best to get a new body in to fill the order.

Custom Listings will be created on Etsy later tomorrow for the bodies and I’m selling these slots as Prepaid. I still offer 100% refunds if you don’t like the way it turns out, I’m just trying to cover the last few business bills from this year. :p

UPDATE: Sale will continue until all horses are sold or we run out of November!

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