The After Words : NaNoWriMo 2013 Plotting

I have a working title! … maybe not a good working title, but for the moment it’s beating out 2009’s When Good Is Dumb and that’s pretty much my benchmark nowadays. 😉

To go with the title I have a very rough tagline “Every ending is the beginning to someone else’s story…” a set of protagonists (the teenage hero and her not-that-old mentor) and an inkling of the story theme ‘you can go home again, it just takes some work.’

And because I want to write a ‘happy’ book this time it will both start and end with a HEA (Happily Ever After) and thus annoy the heck out of romance novelists. Hehehe…

Now I just need 156 plot cards (52 962 word posts split into three scenes of 321 words per scene) worked into a rough reversal of the Hero’s Journey and I’m set! *plots about happily*

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