Solo Feral Druid-ing (a Guide to Not Dying) : Part 1

I will call you, My Death!
I will call you, My Death!

Hello My Death, we meet again!

In my thus far fruitless quest to Not Die to the giant birds of DOOM has taken a new turn. I’m actually putting research into my rotation instead of just flailing about madly. (To be fair, I’ve done pretty well flailing up until this point.)

So, yes, time to think first and then leap charge! Or pounce. Depending on my ability to remember to stealth.

Before Combat

  • Repair all my gear. Again.
  • Mark of the Wild (5% stat buff)
  • Nom a Timeless Nutriment (5% stat buff)
  • Glare at cranes
  • Nom buff foods if I happen to have any on paw
  • Think about hitting up the awesome buff shrines — only to realize all 9000+ other people in the zone have already clicked it. *mutters*

Before the Claws

  • Carefully sneak into range
  • Make sure I have room to pull (and to run)
  • 0 energy, Faerie Fire (weakens armor by 12%)
  • -25 energy, Savage Roar (12 sec, physical damage done +40%) — glyphed, done a second or two before mob gets in range so the energy regens
  • 50 energy, Pounce (I actually ended up not using Pounce, just because I liked pulling the mobs to me rather than going to them.)

Opening Rawrs

  • -35 energy, Rake (15 sec bleed)
  • -50 energy, Thrash (16 sec bleed, 30 sec physical damage taken -10%, 25% change to reset Mangle cooldown)
  • pause to run away from special attack, if there is one. Rassum frassum spinning monks!
  • -35 energy, Mangle or Shred
  • +60 energy, Tiger’s Fury (6 sec physical damage given 15% and +60 energy/Barkskin (12 sec damage taken 20%) –combined in a macro
  • -35 energy, Mangle or Shred
  • -35 energy, Mangle or Shred
  • -30 energy, Rip (16 sec bleed)
  • Did Predatory Swiftness procs? Then cast Healing Touch! If not, curse. A lot.
  • -25 energy, Savage Roar (12 sec, physical damage done +40%)

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

  • If there is more than one mob or an elite, kick in a Berserk after Tiger’s Fury (15 sec ability cost -50%)
  • Kick in Incarnation as soon as possible if elite, about the same time I’d use a Renewal otherwise
  • Otherwise just repeat the same cycle above, refreshing bleeds as needed and generally trying to keep from pulling anyone new

We Who Are About To Die

  • Renewal (if only maybe about to die) – pondering swapping to Ysera’s Gift for a more predictable healing boost
  • Survival Instincts + Might of Ursoc + Thrash + Swipe + Frenzied Regeneration = BARE IS 4 FITE!

And yeah, it needs some tweaking still– but I’ve seen a rather drastic increase in my Not Being Dead, so I’m on the right track! ๐Ÿ˜€

…and I refuse to give into the temptation to just go Bear fulltime. *stubborn*

Good Patch 5.4 Links (Where I get most of my know-how! :))

All mistakes and silly ideas are obviously mine, all good advice and kitteh-kill-it skillz come from reading the below!

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The Fluid Druid: What ferals need to know for 5.4, abbreviated edition
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