Saturday Story Prompts [2013.10.19]

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1. She sometimes suspects that stuffed animals live on tears, but she can’t decide if it’s creepy or comforting.

2. The ship is anything but quiet, even out on the open ocean. Between the waves, the creaks of the hull, and the bone-trembling calls of the dragon figureheads he was beginning to think he’d never sleep again.

3. Quarter is given and taken with solemn ceremony, but without any real concern and she’s left feeling vaguely adrift as they walk into yet another battlefield ‘timeout.’

4. Growing old is something he’s spent good money trying to avoid.

5. “Justice is not the point,” he carefully wiped down the blade, testing the edge for new nicks. “Justice was never the point. You asked me to kill this man and I did. Not because he killed your brother. Not because he killed a lot of people’s brothers. I did it because you asked.”


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