NaNoWriMo means Unprepared

Once more into the Blank!

I had plans to plan, I really did! Great glorious plans that would have turned NaNo into a ‘paint by numbers’ where all the plotting was done ahead of time.

I wouldn’t spend November in a constant chase of ‘yes, but what happens next‘, I wouldn’t have to retcon anything, or add ninjas, or invoke the Traveling Shovel of Death— because I would have done all of that in October.

But now that we are only three days from NaNoWriMo, I think it’s time to finally admit that I’m not going to get my planning done.

Or even started, really.

In fact I haven’t written a single index card, or mind map, or random plot doodle– I have a whole lot of nothing waiting for me come Friday morning. I have five semi-solid characters mulling about in my head and that’s about it.

But I have Friday off, so I’m hoping the first three-day weekend can be spent in a mad dash of Getting Things Done that will make up for all of October.

It should be a fun ride! 😀

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