Sparklewulf of the Clan McSparklewulf (Custom Safari Ltd. White Wolf)

I had honorable intentions when I started painting this little guy, I really did… and then they fell prey to the lure of the shiny. Of course when you start with the idea of ‘I’m going to paint a purple wolf’ moving onto ‘I’m going to paint a purple SPARKLE wolf’ really isn’t that big of a step.

I still maintain he is awesome. *solemn nod*

Since this was a Home Herd wolf I didn’t bother removing the tummy mold markings or work too hard with the seam removal. You can’t really see them with the fur and lo, I was being lazy.

Beyond that he is a sparkly purple wolf (Safari Ltd. White Wolf 220029) painted in a homage to the generic grey wolf pattern. I just popped open a Google search for Gray Wolf and ran from there. (Ah internets, what would I do without you? …Probably hit up the library and checkout the wolf books. Old school research ftw. *grin*)

I used the Folk Art Purple as the base and for the watercolor-esque shading and the amethyst and dioxazine for the markings. There’s actually no black in this wolf at all– it’s all purple! 🙂

I did faux-watercolor, dry brushing, and etching with Wulf. He was pretty much an excuse to try as many new techniques out on the fluffy surface as I could. I’d forgotten how much fun a truly muse-led paint job can be!

Medium: Liquitex Artist Color Acrylics (Gesso, Dioxazine Purple), FolkArt (654 Metallic Amethyst, 411 Purple), Ceramcoat (Metallic 14k Gold)

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