Saturday Story Prompts [2013.09.28]

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1. Eating is never utilitarian here, every bite is both gourmet and heavily ritualized, a cultural lodestone that everything else is drawn to.

2. “You left the stove on,” the cat said as soon as she got back in the door. “I could have burnt my paw.”

“They cut the power off monday, so no I didn’t,” she countered while flipping through the mail. “Plus you’re imaginary.”

3. The hardest thing on the first day of the training hunt is convincing them not to give chase when the prey thunders off. We’re naturally persistence hunters, not sprinters, but the slow methodical pace is something they still have to learn.

4. Deadlines loom large on the horizon, so he buries his head in the internet and refuses to look up.

5. We might joke about over the top action movies, but in truth humanity is always in search of the next big BOOM!


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“You left the stove on,” the cat said as soon as she got back in the door. Saturday Story Prompt. September 28, 2013
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