Things Learned from Editing The Wolves We Are

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Editing Highlighters, AWAY!

I use the word ‘snapped’ as my default angry speech verb.

I need to work on making sure dialog is tagged correctly in multi-person scenes.

Smartass comments about shotguns not fitting in the trunk of compact cars might possibly be taken seriously by someone and should probably be edited to indicate their snarkiness.

I have pacing issues… I think?

Meg has an inconsistent internal voice, after spending all the time in her head in Paper Wolves I need to modify some of the word choices.

Italics are not as vital to storytelling as I think they are.

If I have wolves getting drunk in this story, I should probably not have wolves failing to getting drunk in the other ones. *makes notes*

Ending every sub-chapter with a what amounts to a ‘and then things got worse’ might not be the best idea ever. But I sort of like it. (Mwahaha!)

Sitting down and sketching out the layout of the house, and what everyone looks like might be a good idea because right now they are all pretty darned nebulous.

I need a beta reader BAD. *sighs*

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